Does criticism help make films ? 

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Distribution, sales ans press relations

  • Viviana Andriani | Press relations officer (Italy-France)
  • Roxane Arnold | Distributor (Pyramide - France)
  • Stéphane Auclaire | Distributor (UFO Distribution - France)
  • Adolfo Blanco Lucas | Distributor (A Contracorriente - Spain)
  • Vincent Maraval | Co-founder of international distributor Wild Bunch (France)
  • Laure Parleani | Co-founder of International Sales & Coproduction company Totem Films (France)
  • The PR Factory (Barbara Van Lombeek, Marie France Dupagne, Gudrun Burie et Julie Vanderhaeghen) | Press relations officer (The PR Factory – Belgique)
  • Michael Weber | Sales agent & producer (The Match Factory / Match Factory Productions - Germany)

Institutions and festivals

  • François Aymé | President of the AFCAE [Association Française des Cinémas d’Art et Essai] (Arthouse cinema association) (France)
  • Carlo Chatrian (Italy) | Artistic Director of the Berlinale (Germany)
  • Scott Feinberg | Editorial writer at the Hollywood Reporter (United States)
  • Xavier Lardoux | Cinema and Audio-visual director CNC [Centre National du Cinéma et de l’image animée] (France)
  • Karel Och | Artistic Director of the Karlovy Vary film festival (Czech Republic)
  • José Luis Rebordinos | Artistic Director of the San Sebastian film festival (Spain)
  • Serge Toubiana | President of Unifrance (France)


  • Publication Director : Philippe Rouyer
  • Editor in chief : Nicolas Marcadé & Michael Ghennam

  • Publication supervisor : Xavier Mondoloni, assisted by Valentine Molinier & Tom Francke

  • Administration : Marion Dubois-Daras

  • Contributors : Nathalie Chifflet, Isabelle Danel, Valérie Ganne, Pierre-Simon Gutman, Alex Masson, Chloé Rolland, Thomas Rosso, Philippe Rouyer & Charles Tesson