Filmmaker (United States)

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At best, film critics can notice a voice that other people might not and point to it, lift it up, so it is not entirely missed by the world.

Historically the role of critics can be quite radical if they are able to see through the prevailing trends and biases of their particular era. A movie is really completed by film’s first audiences, by their understanding and the critic is a part of that audience. An audience may be repulsed but a critic can interrogate the audience’s repulsion and understand it within a social, historical, political context. New things are almost always repulsive at first. A critic can help us remember this. 

Daring filmmakers need daring critics. And filmmakers need some critics that come from within their own culture, race, gender — or they will forever be “othered."

A thoughtful critic can help create a space in which a filmmaker feels more rather than less free, more daring, even challenged. Truly any viewer can do this, but a critic makes an art of it.

Miranda July